Axe To Fall

 20.10.2009  Converge  Соединенные Штаты

 9.66667 / 10 |   3

01. Dark Horse
02. Reap What You Sow (feat. Sean Martin of Cage)
03. Axe To Fall (feat. George Hirsch of Blacklisted)
04. Effigy (feat. Steve Brodsky of Cave In, Adam McGrath of Cave In, John-Robert Connors of Doomriders)
05. Worms Will Feed/Rats Will Feast
06. Wishing Well (feat. Ulf Cederlund of Disfear)
07. Damages (feat. Tim "Trivikrama Dasa" Cohen of 108)
08. Losing Battle
09. Dead Beat
10. Cutter (feat. John Pettibone of Undertow)
11. Slave Driver
12. Cruel Bloom (feat. Steve Von Till of Neurosis, Aimee Argote of Des Ark, Chris Taylor of Pygmy Lush)
13. Wretched World (feat. Genghis Tron, Brad Fickeisen of The Red Chord, John-Robert Conners of Doomriders)

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